Healing Scar Tissue

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Scar tissue is connective tissue that helps the body to mend an injury. It is a healing mechanism of the body: a framework while the injury is healing, holding structures together like glue. The new connective tissue grows around the scar, eventually replacing it entirely with new skin. If a connective tissue injury does not heal properly it can:

– decrease range of movement
– compromise organs and endocrines
– inhibit nerve supply and circulation
– reduce muscle strength

Because connective tissue is continuous, if one area of the body becomes affected by any of the above, it can influence the entire body adversely. Our approach to scar treatment utilizes traditional accupuncture theory, manual tissue release and energy medicine and is both safe and non-invasive. When energy flow is increased through the scar tissue, nerve supply and circulation follows. The scar fades, and tenderness and discolouration are reduced dramatically. Emotional charge around a scar or event of the injury is also released. The effectiveness and permanency of the results will amaze you!

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  1. Hi tracy
    I have a client who has limited vision in one eye and none in the other. She reported having her head beaten on cement stairs by an abusive husband for many years eventually leaving him. Then five surgeries which did not help. I have done two energy balances and your name came to mind for eyesight. My client is also deaf wearing hearing aids. I feel your services could be beneficial but it would have to be distance. I would be paying for sessions as she has very little income. What would the session cost in u.s. Dollars
    I took your manual lymphatic drainage class a while back.

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