Sport Performance and Injury

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At Integration Therapeutics we understand that achieving optimum performance in sport, as in life, requires a multi-faceted and holistic approach. Customized sessions focus on the many key components to performance and recovery including:

Maintenance and Preventative Care

Used as a part of an athlete’s regular maintenance program, integrative therapeutics can prevent injury or address incompletely healed injuries. Athletes can gain strength and endurance, and maintain an ideal weight.

Assimilation of Nutrients

Even if you are eating all the right foods for your body, you may not be absorbing all of the necessary nutrients. BodyTalk sessions help the body learn to integrate and assimilate essential nutrients.


You may be drinking plenty of water, but is it being fully absorbed by your muscles? Your liver? Your brain? We can help to address absorption at the cellular level to ensure that your body is utilizing the water that you are taking in while getting what it needs.

Musculoskelatal Balance

In a healthy body, all joints and intervertebral discs of the spine are under tension rather than compression, allowing you to have a “spring in your step” that minimizes impact. Tracey focuses on restoring biotensegrity to employ your body’s shock-absorbing abilities, keeping your joints agile and your movements fluid.


Football injuriesIn addressing a sports injury, we encourage the awareness of the body’s self-healing mechanism directly on the site of the injury to bring about effective and speedy recovery.

Performance Anxiety

Do you fall apart under pressure? do you perform well in practice but become stressed when it’s time for the race? BodyTalk can disempower powerful belief systems surrounding performance anxiety, such as “I’m not good enough” or “It’s not okay to be the winner”.

Brain/body Chemistry

Balancing and synchronizing enzymes and hormone levels is important for peak performance. Our unique approach promotes healthy internal chemistry in the body for an efficient, self-sustaining endocrine system.

Time-Release Sessions

Athletes and performers already know at what point during an event they feel the weakest and usually what body part is affected. This is the time to benefit from a booster time-release BodyTalk session. Such a session can be stored in the hippocampus of the brain and released at just the right time to boost results. Set yourself ahead of your competition and achieve your personal best!

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