Stiff Joints? Muscle Energy Techniques bring relief!

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Muscle Energy Technique is a very specialized technique focusing on treating joint stiffness in the body.

This technique involves finding a restricted joint then gently placing the body or body part into a position that bends the joint three dimensionally up to the point where muscular resistance to movement begins (“the barrier”). Once at this barrier, the patient is directed to use his or her muscles from a precise position and in a specific direction against a counterforce applied by the therapist. The force used is very gentle and is maintained for 6-8 seconds, then released. After a brief pause to allow the affected muscles to relax, the practitioner then moves the joint a little farther into the barrier, which will usually have shifted slightly toward improved mobility during the interval. The technique is repeated 3-5 times until the desired outcome is achieved.

After a successful treatment, the patient will experience decreased pain, muscle spasm, fascial tension, joint stiffness and swelling. There will also be improved postural alignment, mobility, flexibility and range of motion. Even though the patient may feel they are experiencing less of their initial pain and are moving better after a treatment, they may still feel aches in their body for several days afterwards as their body adjusts to the changes. This reaction quickly goes with subsequent treatments and does not occur with every patient.

Muscle Energy Technique very effective for treating the following conditions;

    Migraine Headaches
    Chronic Neck and Back Pain
    Joint stiffness
    Sports Injuries
    Spinal and rib cage pain
    Hip, knee and ankle pain
    Shoulder, elbow, wrist pain
    Orthopedic Problems
    Temporomandibular Joint pain
    Stress and Tension-Related Problems

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